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Welcome to Just Blush, home of affordable womens and mens clothing. We predominantly sell womens clothing, but as of late, we've started branching out to also include mens clothes.

We have a variety of party dresses for ladies, formal work attire for ladies, and comfortable everyday clothing for women also. For men, we've got a range of construction and fitness clothing at the moment, as well as stylish jeans and simple, everyday tops.

At first we started selling products on eBay, but after speaking to an internet marketing company, we decided it was best to also sell on our own website.

Our mission is to introduce affordable fashion to the Australian market. We import our clothes from a variety of countries including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, United Kingom and France. We believe the variety of countries we import from not only allows us to provide competitive prices, but also a fantastic variety of fashion choices for any occasion

World Famous Brands

One of the ways we are able to offer such low prices on our products is because we have relationships with many high profile brands. Sometimes a line of fashion either goes out of style and is discontinued, instead of dumping their stock, they simply remove the branding and sell wholesale.

We then buy this unwanted stock and sell it as a brandless product. The product themselves are still super high quality, but the brand in question wants nothing to do with their old line of stock.

In addition to our competitive relationships, we also house some of the best internet marketing seo experts in their field. This allows us to rank and display our products in search engines on competitive terms.

Our stock turnover is new approximately every 2 to 4 weeks. So when it comes to keeping you dressed and stylish all year round, we got your back.

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